ASTRÅMERA was founded back in 2010 to start a musical journey through the depths of each band members musical influence, background and style, aiming to express themselves all together in one common project that became a band one day. The variety and mixture of styles including classical music, jazz, metal, electronical music and many more has never stopped the band's creativity ever since.


Originally founded under the name "ONIRICON" the first real lineup consisted of Patrick Kolb (Guitars, Lead Vocals), Simon Götz (Keys, Background Vocals) and Martin Masche (Bass Guitars, Background Vocals). During that time the band focused on writing music for their first full length album called "The Oneiric Incident". The album is a concept album to feature seven tracks based on a storyline about the process of "dreaming" in general.

However, the band's early years had to cause some line up changes due to time management and musical differences. The first four piece lineup had seen some light in 2015 with the addition of Frieder Ernst (Bass Guitars, Background Vocals) and Peter Römpert (Drums).

Unfortunately, Peter had to leave the band in 2017 due to other obligations, so the band decided to move on as a three piece lineup. In 2020 the time was finally right for Peter to rejoin the band to complete the lineup once again.