New DRUMMER / Album Recordings just started!


Dear friends! We hope that you all had a good start into the new year! 
Let's start the new year with 2 announcements:
Our former drummer Peter Römpert who has been in the business for many years, has officially rejoined ASTRÅMERA. Thus, we look forward to work on new songs together and to be able to play live as soon as possible. 
We also took the chance to record the drum tracks for our first upcoming full length album during the winter holidays. The recordings were already completed within 4 days and Peter did a great job and nailed his parts! 
Let's welcome Peter once again to the ASTRÅMERA family!


A FADING MEMORY - out now!

Dear friends!

Here's a new song for your all. It's called "A Fading Memory" and will be part of our upcoming full length album "The Oneiric Incident".

EP "INTO THE WILD" out now!

Dear friends!

Our EP "Into The Wild" has officially been released! You'll find us on all popular streaming and music download services. Enjoy!

INTO THE WILD - out now!

Dear friends!

Prepare yourself for another 10 minute epic. The song is called "Into The Wild" and it's also the title track of our upcoming EP that will be released in 2020.

A FOREIGN WORLD - out now!

Dear friends!

It's been a while now but we're happy to share another track with you! It's called "A Foreign World" and shows a slightly different side of our work. It will also be featured on our EP "Into The Wild".

Design & visuals by Chris Krey.

TIME WARP - out now!

Dear friends!

Our second track is finally available to see the light. The song is called "Time Warp" and has a very dark and heavy but straightforward atmosphere. In addition, it's the first track of our EP "Into The Wild" which will be released in 2020!


Dear friends!

Let's begin this chapter with a blast! We look forward to share a lot of music with you within the upcoming weeks, months and years.

We'd like to start with one of our very first tracks, written back in 2011 that hasn't seen any light yet. The track is called "This Barren Dreamscape" and it will also be featured on our first full length album "The Oneiric Incident" which will be recorded and produced soon!

First tracks and videos will come soon!

Dear friends!

Currently, we're recording our first tracks that will be published soon. Each track will feature a video as well showing each member peform his parts. We're looking forward to hear what you think about our songs and work! Stay tuned for updates.