Guitars, Lead Vocals

Responsable for the powerful guitar sound in ASTRÅMERA's music, Patrick is also the lead vocalist and one of the band's main songwriters. Besides his guitar work he contributes most of the lyrics and storylines for different songs and also came up with the idea and concept for the first album.

Patrick uses custom-built 6 and 7 string Mayones guitars, Lakewood acoustic guitars and Hughes & Kettner amplification.

Keyboards, Background Vocals

Besides playing the keyboards and synthesizers, Simon tries to hold everything together. He tries to create soundscapes to match ASTRÅMERA's music in a perfect way. In addition he performs backing vocals and is responsable for the arrangement of the songs.

Simon uses a variety of different keyboards and synthesizers including hardware and software. He currently uses Yamaha MODX-Series and two iPads when performing live.

Bass Guitars, Background Vocals

Being a bass player and guitarist for many years, Frieder is part of the low frequency department of ASTRÅMERA's music. Besides playing the bass guitar he contributes background vocals on some songs. Along with the drums he's responsible for the rhythms but does also contribute some guitar work on some songs as well.

Frieder uses 5 string basses by Ibanez and Orange amplification.

Drums & Percussion

Peter has rejoined the band after he took some time off due to other obligations. However, the time was finally right to get together again and we're happy to have him with us. He's able to play a variety of styles but has a slightly jazzy background and very good sense for tone and details. 

Peter uses various kits and cymbals including DW, Pdp, Agean and Paiste.